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Lebanese designer and architect Fadi Sarieddine designs an L-shaped office space in Dubai

Designed for a prominent e-commerce company in the UAE, the new boutique office building by Lebanese designer and architect Fadi Sarieddine follows an L-shape form to hug a central oasis. While its shape provided a number of architectural challenges, it is what makes the building stand out within its immediate environment. It also allows for the interior workspaces to overlook the central garden, at least wherever the north facing, all-glazed façade allows.

In contrast, the outer façades are more opaque, and shield the interior spaces from receiving direct sunlight, as well as block the noise pollution that echoes from the nearby Al Ain Road. This helps save energy, creates a pleasant interior experience and further emphasises sustainable design measures.

“This pure, contemporary design works on the duality of openness and closure, while respecting the environmental factors of its setting, thus making it a highly contextual building,” said Sarieddine. “The building mass was pushed to the limits of the plot in order to maximise and consolidate the void in the centre. This was a design approach used in old Arabic courtyard houses.”

First floor plan

Sharp geometric lines mark the building, as does its synergy with the environment and incorporation of local vegetation, like palm trees. The building further prioritises a simple material and colour palette – namely pure white paint, stone and wood cladding, as well as glass.

“The building’s orientation was studied in a way to place the glass façade, which is the main source of light, to the north side,” said Sarieddine. “The south and east side of the building are treated with more opaque façade treatment. The green oasis in the centre helps to soften the outdoor temperatures on a micro level, and creates shaded space for staff to break away from work and relax.”

Ground floor plan

Sarieddine added that the main challenge while working on this project was “the triangular shape of the plot; however, we managed to negotiate a good footprint while respecting the plot geometry.” The central oasis, which allows the structure to wrap along the edges of the site, boding well for end-user experience as it provides a buffer between the surrounding environment and the building itself, also serves as the plaza to the building.

While the main intention of the building is to offer space for a boutique-sized firm, the ground floor features food and beverage facilities for the staff, and the basement houses a storage facility for the inhabiting company. According to Sarieddine, he hoped to create a humble and simple building that respects its environment, and houses the end-users in a pleasant space, which is open and relaxed.

Intended for completion in 2020, Sarieddine will further provide interior design services for the Nad Al Sheba Boutique Offices, which he says will be delivered during the second phase of the project.