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Istanbul-based Avcı Architects designs Congo Kintele Congress Centre and Hotel

London and Istanbul-based Avcı Architects designed the new Congo Kintele Congress Centre and Resort Hotel (KCC) in a newly developing area of Brazzaville. The new centre will host summits of the African Union and features a 1500-seat congress hall, the 300-seat presidential hall, the 1000-seat banquet hall and a spacious  public piazza for outdoor events.

Taking into consideration the geographical, climatic and cultural context, the site offers panoramic views of the Congo River to the south and a forested landscape to the north.

The two ends of the colonnade also act as public gates to the whole complex, linking the press hall and museum.

The 350-meter long colonnade also acts as a shelter from the rain that prevails throughout the year.  According to the design team, one of the objectives was to minimise the cooling loads by reducing the incidence of sunlight on exposed glass facades.

The use of materials in the Congo Kintele Congress Center’s Resort Hotel was to a large extent dictated by the requirement of the speed of construction and availability of modern construction and cladding materials.

“Although it would be more cost effective, the concrete frame was ruled out in favour of steel and more easily transportable lighter cladding materials such as aluminium panelling for massive cladding elements such as block or brick work. Beyond that, efforts were made to use natural materials at all times such as timber and stone,” explains the team.

The larger elements are signified by a series of perforated cladding elements which are laser cut in geometric Congolese patterns derived from the traditions of the region, connecting the buildings to their place.

These patterns are also found in interior elements such as flooring patterns and screens, which divide interior spaces. Vertical shading elements are made in lighter coloured bronze/brass finishes, set against a darker coloured panels and glass.

The 200-bedroom resort hotel is adjacent to the Congo Kintele Congress Center, featuring six presidential suites and a series of suites and standard rooms. The spa, restaurant, bars and the pool are all located on the ground floor, which is 5-metres elevated above the level of the Congress Centre, providing panoramic views across the Congo Valley.

The overall colour palette of the project is derived from a series of lighter and darker shades of bronze and brass.

Fast facts:

Project name: Congo Kintele Congress Centre

Interior design: Avcı Architects

Project location: Congo, Brazzaville

Total project area: 75.000 sqm