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Dynamic Tower will become a symbol of sustainability for Dubai says David Fisher

The Dynamic Tower, in addition to being the first building with a fourth dimension, will also become a symbol of sustainable architecture in Dubai as well as being a symbol of the future.

According to Dr David Fisher, founder of Dynamic Architecture and designer of the rotating tower, the building will be strongly focused on sustainability and energy saving, meeting Dubai’s 2021 vision to reduce energy consumption.

“I think this building will be the symbol of the future and a symbol that a building can not only save energy, but produce it as well. And I think 2020 is the right time for a building like this,” Fisher told designMENA in an interview after his speech at the Skyscraper Summit.

The building is set to produce wind energy through the implementation of “mini-wind turbines” as well as solar panels that will be located on the 79 roofs of the 80 storey building.

The architect said that although the wind turbines are not a compulsory part of the building, but implementing them can save a lot of energy as well as boost energy production.

“The wind turbines are supplementary. The building is connected to the grid like any other building. It does not depend on the wind turbines but having space between floors, we thought we might as well put mini wind turbines, because as the wind blows on the façade, it cannot go through of course so it goes between the floors and this is where the wind finds the wind turbines, so it makes them rotate. It’s a very basic notion. So we then produce energy from wind,” he explained.

Fisher claims that although the Dynamic Tower can be placed anywhere in the world, Dubai is the perfect place as it aligns with the vision of the city.

“Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, it is a city of technology, a city of the future,” said Fisher. “Sheikh Mohammed said, ‘don’t wait for the future to come to you, face the future’, so this is the beginning of the future.”

This is not the first time an architect has labeled Dubai as such. During our interview with Italian designer Fabio November at Design Days Dubai, he said: ““Dubai is a place for visionary people”. 

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