Burj 2020 by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill will be “Diamond of Dubai”

A new tower which is set to become the “Diamond of Dubai” was unveiled at Cityscape by world-renowned tall building specialists Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill.

The architects told designMENA that the structure was inspired by the idea of a bookmark – with the southern part of Dubai crowned with the new Burj2020 tower to complement the Burj Khalifa dominating the Downtown skyline.

The design is part of a masterplan by DMCC, the authority on trade, enterprise and commodities in Dubai, which is set to create a new urban destination for the global business community and was on display at the 2015 Cityscape Global Conference.

The tower will form “The Southern Gateway to Dubai” said the design team.

Adrian Smith, partner at AS+GG and designer of both the Burj Khalifa and Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower, said: “The design concept was inspired by faceted gemstones rooted in the principles of perpetual value, enduring strength and everlasting beauty. Symbolising the next stage of growth for the city, the design of the Burj2020 is also inspired by the facets of a diamond – elegant, bold and timeless.

“The design is unlike the Burj Khalifa in that it is a stronger form, more robust. It will have light bouncing off it and the silhouette will change suddenly when viewed from different angles.”

The exact height of the building has still yet to be revealed but DMCC predict it will be the tallest office structure constructed.

At over a one million square metres the Burj2020 District’s built up area (BUA) will be the equivalent size of one-third of the existing Jumeirah Lakes Towers area which is next door.

Architect and partner in AS + GG Gordon Gill said: “The Burj2020 will retain a bold and elegant architectural form that balances performance, occupier comfort and sustainability by using a holistic approach to the notion of efficiency.

“It will set the benchmark for what a modern office building should be and will undoubtedly attract businesses and people for whom excellence is the only standard worthy of pursuit.”

A video of the concept revealed sweeping interiors and stunning views from an observatory deck which is set to be one of the highest ever built.

Retail facilities are set to be included in the design and the stores will ring the tower at its base “like a doughnut” said Smith. The architect said as the building is squarer than the Burj Khalifa – which tapers to a point – it is likely that its surface area will be larger.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC, said “The Burj2020 District is central to this strategy and will deliver the ideal balance of world-class commercial, retail, hospitality and residential space, all set within a thriving urban landscape at Dubai’s southern gateway.

“The Burj2020, the district’s landmark vertical destination will join the elite group of the world’s most unique super tall commercial towers and complement the Dubai skyline with its striking design by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill.”