Capital Bank Amman, Jordanian architecture, Paradigm DH

Amman’s Paradigm DH firm uses cantilevered light emitting concrete panels on the facade of a bank

Paradigm DH, an Amman-based architecture firm, has designed a branch of Jordan’s Capital Bank in the city’s exclusive Cairo Street in Abdoun neighbourhood. Designed for the bank’s VIP clientele, the concept was to create a branch with a “boutique” experience, and reinterpreting the traditional banking concept.

The teller counters and waiting areas with the traditional queuing approach were replaced by individual office “boxes” catering to the private banking needs of the clients.

The highlight of the building is the solid stone translucent facade, which are essentially self-supporting light-concrete walls by Lucem, a company which makes light-emitting concrete panels. It is reported that the translucent concrete has been used for the first time worldwide as the cantilevered walls of the façade.

Designed by architect Saja Nahashibi, founding partner of Paradigm DH, and his team, the 14-metre-high stairwell made of 30mm thick Lucem light concrete panels are mounted on a steel structure above undercut anchors.

The design harnesses the flow of nature through the staircase with an interplay of light and shadows. The theme of nature has been integrated into the design by designing an open-plan courtyard inside the building, which is inspired by the design of Japanese Zen gardens.

Photos: Nabil Otteneh

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