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Sidi Aboul Ikhlas Al-Zorkany Mosque in Egypt to be demolished for road

Sidi Aboul Ikhlas Al-Zorkany Mosque in Alexandria will be demolished to make way for the development of Al Mahmoudeya Axis road extension, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi confirmed while inaugurating 1,302 greenhouses at Mohamed Naguib military base, Construction Week reported. 

El-Sisi said that places of worship in Egypt must not be built on state-owned land without a licence, adding: “A place of worship deserves a prime location granted by the state.”

According to news publication Egypt Today, the $330.7m road development will comprise a 21.6 km extension, including four bridges and a road comprising six to eight lanes in each direction, serving Montaza.

Sidi Aboul Ikhlas Al-Zorkany Mosque housed a shrine that has been temporarily relocated to Mosques Square in Alexandria, which contains shrines such as Al-Morsy Aboul Abbas, Sidi Yacout, and Al-Abasiry.

The report added that a "new Sidi Aboul Ikhlas Al-Zorkany Mosque will be built after the road is finished, bringing back the shrine from Mosques Square".