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"We want the Dubai office to become a design office," says Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners has revealed ambitious plans for the firm's Dubai office - which looks at the wider Middle East - to eventually become a design studio. 

During the architecture giant's first exhibition in Dubai, Gerard Evenden, head of studio at Foster + Partners, told Middle East Architect: "Ultimately we want the Dubai office to be a design office.We are putting in the basic infrastructure at the moment to get that up and running but we want to be here and we want to grow. So it's not just a business team office.

"For us it's about coming here and finding projects and getting those projects," he added.

Foster + Partners currently has offices in various parts of the world, from cities like San Francisco, Hong Kong, and New York - each with over 40 employees - in addition to its main London office.

"We have begun to make those design offices and the interesting thing now with the new technologies that are available - with video conferencing and interactive screens - we are able to work simultaneously in London, Hong Kong, and in the States," he said.

The firm already has an extensive portfolio of projects in the Middle East, both completed and under construction, including the Apple store Dubai Mall, Seven Gardens, Masdar City, and Index Tower. View more projects by Foster + Partners in the Middle East here. 

Foster + Partner's first architecture exhibition in Dubai showcased the firm's various projects that highlight sustainable design solutions and a human-centric approach.

Created in association with Dubai Design District, 'The Art of Sustainable Architecture' exhibition featured large-scale models, photographs, drawings, and film that illustrated the depth of research and analysis that goes into designing complex buildings that respond to context, end-users, and culture.

During the exhibition, Evenden, also confirmed that the firm's master plan for the second phase of the Dubai Design District is currently on hold, adding that there is still hope that the "project restarts".