#OFISTalks, OFIS, LACASA ID, Lacasa Architects and Engineers, Interior design


Commercial Interior Design and Middle East Architect have teamed up with UAE-based furniture and flooring firm OFIS to create a video series called #OFISTalks.

The monthly series involves visiting Dubai-based interior design firms to speak to key team members about new projects, and gain insights about various areas of design.

The 10th edition of #OFISTalks features LACASA ID, the Dubai-based interior design arm of Lacasa Architects and Engineers.

The designers involved in the interview are Patrick Bean, design director; Toufic Alayyash, senior interior designer; Nadin Al Kayyali, senior FF&E; designer; Varena Furtado, senior interior designer; Nisa Punjabi, interior designer; and Solito III Quitlong, interior architect.