Beirut Design Fair 2018, Beirut, Lebanon, GM Architects, Lebanese architects

GM Architects to design Beirut Design Fair's interior exhibition space

Lebanese architecture and design firm GM Architects has announced that it will design Beirut Design Fair's interior exhibition space, which spans 4,000m2 and will welcome thousands of visitors during the three-day event. 

To be held for the second time in its history, Beirut Design Fair will run from 20 to 23 September and intends to bring together emerging and established designers with industry leaders and the public.

Led by Galal Mahmoud, GM Architects, which specialises in luxury design and often works with hospitality clients including Rotana, Starwood and Jumeirah, has designed the interiors to reflect the "organised chaos that so clearly defines the organic urban growth of Beirut".

"The layered evolution of Beirut's urban fabric as it continuously evolves from order to disorder and vice versa [inspired the interior]," said Mahmoud. "The space will be orgaised like a city, where one tends to get lost in its play of narrow and wide streets all while having punctual high landmarks that gives a sense of direction." 

He added that such elements will materialise through the use of shifting walls, which serve to guide visitors while also separating spaces from one another, as well as colours, which were chosen as a direct reference to Beirut's golden age -- the 1960s, according to the architects.