Emad Jaber

Emad Jaber

Founder, La Casa
31 Jul 2018

Founder of La Casa, Palestinian architect and engineer Emad Jaber has built a reputation for himself within the region’s industry. With work across the Middle East and Africa baring his company’s name, Jaber has maintained operations from Palestine to Saudi Arabia, Libya to Sudan.
Throughout his tenure, he has been involved in masterplan developments across the UAE including Dubai Internet City, Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Executive Towers and the Skycourt Towers. This past year saw the company’s efforts in Palestine grow as well, with upcoming education and retail projects contributing to Ramallah’s built environment.
Shortlisted for this year’s Principal of the Year at the MEA Awards, Jaber has seen his company swell to more than 300 people over the years. By continuously adding to its service offerings in response to market demands, La Casa has been able to deliver complete solutions to its clients. And by doing so, the firm maintains the same standard of quality across all disciplines.
“I’m always saying, ‘We need to prove ourselves!’ And a lot of people ask, ‘Don’t you think we’ve proven ourselves already?’ And the answer is always no,” Jaber told MEA in a 2017 interview.
Since 2012, La Casa has been riding a wave of success, with developers coming back to the company and green lighting projects that were paused in 2008. And though industry dynamics have changed a little, with design competitions a thing of the now, La Casa remains as steadfast as ever, taking home seven out of every 10 design bids, said Jaber.
“I wouldn’t change anything,” he said. “I’m living my life as though it’s a dream that I really like. When I was in high school thinking of becoming an engineer, I couldn’t have imagined this. My reality is so much bigger than I planned for myself.”