Duncan Denley

Duncan Denley

Managing director, Desert INK
31 Jul 2018

Duncan Denley has been a UK chartered landscape architect since 2008. His professional experience includes a wide range of international work, as he has been based in the UK, US and UAE. With 16 years of experience in the Middle East, Denley is one of the most experienced and sought-after landscape architects in the UAE.
Having being involved in many projects in the GCC, such as the Burj Khalifa, Mall of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi Central Markets and Doha’s Sheraton Park, Denley is well-versed not only in creative design, but the technical complexities involved in such massive construction projects. As he leads his team with equal doses of enthusiasm, passion and knowledge, desert INK has developed a growing collection of design awards, which is testament to his passion for design.
Scooping up a high profile installation at the entrance to this year’s Downtown Design, the future looks bright for desert INK. The studio of landscape architects, engineers, product designers and architects is keen to do things differently this year, as evidenced in their soon-to-be-finished d3 Park – which will sit on a prime strip of land and utilise 700 concrete blocks found at the site to construct the park. The project will feature a beach, outdoor gym, climbing ravine and a skate park.
Future prospects include several high-profile resorts and a substantial city park in Riyadh constructed around an existing wadi. Beyond his work portfolio, Denley often contributes to publications and discuses his design philosophies with those willing to listen.
“We believe that the very best designers do not have a formula,” he said. “We like to approach each space with fresh eyes, study the surrounding elements, architecture, natural environment or the existing uses of the site and generate ideas from there.”