Yahya Jan

Yahya Jan

President, Norr
04 Jan 2017

Yahya Jan is president and design director at Norr and has over 30 years of global experience in design and build.
Jan joined Norr’s Dubai office as the senior designer on the Jumeirah Emirates Towers project. Since then, he has played a lead design role at NORR, winning commissions throughout the region.
His work includes signature office residential and hotel towers, retail malls, and multi-use developments.
Jan undertook his undergraduate and graduate studies in the US, earning a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Engineering and a Master of Architecture, both at Princeton University.
Upon completing his studies, he worked for 10 years in New York and Boston, and is a licensed architect in New York.
Jan believes in the ability of integrated design to transform our built environment. Central to his design philosophy is a multi-disciplinary approach that includes owners, architects, structural and environmental engineers all working collaboratively.
An advocate for research and design collaboration, Jan believes that a key challenge in the continuing evolution of our cities is the need to question conventional wisdom. A winner of numerous international awards, his design and research is featured at conferences and in leading publications worldwide.