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Turkish architects complete design for residential project in Bodrum

Ankara and Istanbul-based architecture practice 4M Salalı Architects has designed a project in Yalikavak, a small district in Bodrum, Turkey. 

Called 'Bodrum All Houses', the project is set among the Aegean landscape and centres around sustainability; it also uses water as a focal point for its design. 

Consisting of 24 villas, the project in total spans 15,000m2 and construction is slated for completion by the summer of 2022. 

"We managed to turn the challenging situation of conducting a design and construction work on sloping land into an opportunity with a smart design solution," said the architects. "We worked carefully on every villa and elevation in the design area and ensured that all villas are oriented towards the sea without interrupting each other.

"The ground level of each villa is placed higher than the roof level of the villas in their front row, thus allowing each house to have uninterrupted views of Yalikavak Bay. The layout of the villas also ensures that the slopes of the vehicle roads are kept at an optimum level. Hence, it is possible to reach every villa by car on such an inclined area."

With air conditioning systems and natural ventilation solutions, spaces are designed to be enjoyed during summer and winter. The modern structural systems of the villas allow for free plan solutions and enable customisation according to the needs and preferences of different habitants. Also, each villa’s own garden has been designed separately to provide a picturesque view at a maximum level, as well as the use of slope to provide the necessary privacy to the residents.

In terms of materiality, the architects worked with local materials to maintain respect and integrity to the landscape. The two most common are stone and wood, which were interpreted and used with modern approaches.