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SCStudio releases design for Armenian Center for Contemporary Arts in Yerevan

Created in response to an international architectural competition launched by the initiative of the Boghossian Foundation urbanlab, a design for the Armenian Center for Contemporary Arts in Yerevan by SCStudio reorganises the programme of the existing building. 

Titled 'The Charged Void', the design by SCStudio centres on the introduction of two new levels to the building, embedding a certain amount of space for "unexpected, spontaneous and unpredictable uses," said the architects. 

The project is also based on the sequence of fixed areas, including an auditorium, café, restaurant and administration zones, as well as unstable, flexible areas, which correspond to four distinct interior voids distributed all over the building.

The end result is a spatial promenade characterised by inner patios, courtyards and terraces, whose climax is the so-called Belvedere – a panoramic platform that offers expansive views of Yerevan.

On the two main facades, a new skin is applied that references traditional Armenian ornamentation. In manipulating, abstracting and transforming historical motifs, a special pattern is generated and applied to the building.

SCStudio is an architecture and design practice founded in 2012 by Stefano Corbo, Italian architect and professor at the Rhode Island School of Design.

urbanlab announced the winners in a Facebook post, which you can view here.