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Turkish architects activate Izmir University's campus with pavilion

Architects, academics and students at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Izmir Univeristy of Economics in Turkey activated the school's campus with a pavilion that featured shaded seating for passers-by.

Created in response to a design and woodworking workshop directed by architect Sebastian Erazo and faculty member and architect Stefano Pugliese, the pavilion was intended to provide the architecture and interior design students with practical experience in following a brief and creating a design process.

Made of pine wood and reclaimed agriculture mesh fabric, the bench was created in five days: the first two days were allocated to determining an architectural strategy, a location, and determining the construction details. The remaining three days saw the pavilion built. 

The project is titled 'Gecit Wooden Pavilion', with gecit meaning portal, passage or gateway in Turkish.