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Dabbagh Architects releases plans and diagrams of Al Ain Museum for Archaeology

Dubai-based practice Dabbagh Architects, founded by Saudi architect Sumaya Dabbagh, has recently revealed its design for Al Ain Museum of Archaeology, an upcoming development located next to the 7,000-year-old Al Ain Oasis.

Intended to showcase the region's environmental heritage, the museum will serve as a centre for collection, research, conservation and interpretation of the archaeological wealth of Abu Dhabi, and the UAE in general.

Though the firm had previously released images of the projects, it's now released new plans and diagrams that further illustrate the project's layout. 

Because the museum's site contains two historically significant structures -- a mud-brick Sultan Fort built in 1910 by Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed, and Al Ain National Museum, the UAE's first museum that was built in 1971 -- as well as several structures that were built over time, the architects' main goal was to ensure that the new building would relate to what was already existing on site, as well as to the nearby Al Ain Oasis.

"[The archaeology museum's] role is not only functional as a museum; it also [adds to] the greater system, contributing to a story that conveys the cultural context of the past and present, and [offers] a vision for the future," said Dabbagh.

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