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Inside look at Henning Larsen and Omrania-designed King Salman Park in Riyadh, KSA

Spanning 13.3km2 near the old airport in Riyadh, the upcoming King Salman Park is set to be the largest park in the world. 

Designed by Saudi architecture firm Omrania who worked in collaboration with Henning Larsen, the park's masterplan features new mixed-use developments surrounding the central public open areas, coalescing into a dynamic urban district that reflects the kingdom's Vision 2030 goals. 

Conceived as a 'green heart' for Riyadh, the park will be served by five new metro stations and 10 bus rapid transit stations. Its internal 'urban loop', or circular promenade, will further cater to walking, cycling and other autonomous modes of public transportation, with shaded areas for visitors to rest. 

"This mobility strategy will showcase the latest in innovative personal and shared transit solutions," said the architects. "Additionally, park visitors will benefit from a climate-responsive urban design and personal thermal comfort strategy that makes walking and cycling pleasant all year round."

The park's landscape consists of a series of branching valleys, inspired by Saudi's seasonally dry wadi river beds, converging towards the centre of the site. Around the edges of each branch, protected from direct sunlight, visitors will be encouraged to use gathering spaces and activity areas. 

"King Salman Park will stand out as a recreational and creative community that will inspire, engage and surprise its users, no matter their age, gender or background," the architects added. "It represents the next stage in the metropolitan evolution of Riyadh."

Completion of the park is slated for 2024.