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Egyptian architect Ebtissam Moustapha wins Egypt's state award for excellency

Egypt's Supreme Council for Culture (SCC) has announced the winners of its state awards, presented to those who have made outstanding achievements in the fields of art, literature and social sciences.

Part of a larger awards programme that also features the Nile Award, Appreciation Awards and Encouragement Awards, the SCC's Excellency Award is given to seven people each year who have made outstanding contributions. Each winner recieves a silver medal and EGP 100,000. 

Egyptian architect and academic Ebtissam Moustapha recieved the Excellency Award in Arts, for her various achievements in architecture, design and education. 

Co-founder and managing director of the Alexandria-based Encode Studio and associate professor at Alexandria University, Moustapha works to challenge the “conventional model of design production in Egypt” through advanced technology, research and fostering collaboration between education, practice and manufacturers.

Hoping to nurture an international hub of design that can thrive in today’s economy, Encode offers architecture, design and furniture design services.

Moustapha’s architectural projects include Namma residences, Ceaser Bay and the rehabilitation of Sednaoui Al Khazendar, all of which are in Egypt. 

The other winners of the Excellency Awards include Ahmed Fadl Shabloul and Fou'ad Taman for literature, Ibrahim El-Desouky Fahmy for art, and Gamal Shakra, Howaida Sayyied Ali and Atef Mansour for social sciences. 

Moustapha was also the recipient of Tamayouz Excellence Awards' Rising Star prize in 2018.