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Tehran tower designed to combine cryptocurrency mining with a water park in response to US sanctions

Iranian architects Ilia Attarpour, Dadbeh Mohebbi Gilani and Ramtin Taherian designed a skyscraper to combine cryptocurrency mining with a water park for the 2019 Evolo Skyscraper Competition. 

Designed in response to the US sanctions on Iran and the latter country's resulting near economic collapse, JCPOA Tower Crypto-Park aims to explore how sanctions can be manipulated "as a way out of crisis".

At 560m high, the tower aims to be a mining facility in the air, with its mining functions hidden under the disguise of being a vertical water park. 

"As a way to get around the imposed embargo, mining would have to be done secretly and undercover," said the architects. "Hence, a hybrid type is proposed -- a mining farm that is juxtaposed by a vertical water theme park. The water infrastructure hides the high-tech facility while operating as a heat sink for the processing units, and providing a vertical landscape of free entertainment for the masses." 

The tower is to be situated on top of the Abbas Abbad Hill, an inner-city hill that would allow it to be visible from many points in Tehran and stand as a symbol of resistance against the renewed economic sanctions. 

"The current currency devaluation and economic collapse may be the most severe crisis Iran is facing today," said the architects. "This project aimed to convey this problem through a very radical approach not only to emphasise the current social climate, but also to explore topics that architecture can tackle and provide fresh angles."