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Second edition of Dewan Award for Architecture looks to rejuvinate Umma Park in Baghdad

The Dewan Award for Architecture has launched its second edition, focusing on the rejuvination of Umma Park in Baghdad, in collaboration with international architecture initiative Tamayouz Excellence Award. 

With an aim to address urban and architectural needs across Iraq, this year's entrants are tasked to draft a detailed proposal to redevelop Baghdad's Umma Park - an area that has been the social heart of the Iraqi capital since the 1930's, but which has now become abandoned and fallen into rapid decline as a result of war and economic neglect.

By selecting Umma Park as the subject for the award's second edition, the competition promises to attract high level design talents from across the globe, while further supporting the industry by developing intelligent, sustainable, and functional solutions to current design challenges in Iraq. 

The award was established through a fund allocated by Dewan Architect + Engineers under the leadership of Mohammed Al Assam, founder and managing partner. 

“We can’t wait to review all the submissions, along with Tamayouz’ independent jury panel of leading experts in their field, who will be responsible for selecting the best designs for developing Umma Park,” Al Assam said. 

“We have been involved with the Tamayouz Excellence Award for several years now as we really see the value in initiatives like this – both for the burgeoning architects and designers who get involved, as well as for Iraq itself,” he added.

The award additionally aims to empower young, up and coming architects by providing them experience and professional guidance, with winners earning work experience at Dewan Architects + Engineers, while the overall winner will be offered a paid position at the architecture firm for up to six months. 

Engineers, architects, students and designers are invited to submit their plans and proposals, either as individuals or in groups of up to four people, with multi-disciplinary teams encouraged.

This year, the top three entrant will be invited to the Tamayouz Award Annual Ceremony, where the winners of the award will be announced. The host city for this year's ceremony has not yet been announced. 

The Dewan Award for Architecture is the newest award to be established as part of the Tamayouz Excellence Award programme which champions and celebrates the best of architecture in Iraq and around the world.

The inaugural theme of the Dewan Award for Architecture, which was launched last year, was ‘School in the Marshes’, in which participants designed a six-class primary school and kindergarten in the marshlands of southern Iraq.

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