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Dodi Moss’ proposal for Italy's Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion features transparent metal mesh structure

Genoa-based design company Dodi Moss’s proposal for Italy’s country pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai consists of a large volume created primarily by a metal mesh structure reminiscent of classical Italian architecture.

The proposal won third place in Invitalia’s competition for the Italian Pavilion at the Expo, falling behind Gianluca Peluffa & Partners, and Carlo Ratti Associati – who won the competition.

The design examines various elements of an architectural space, separating the building into its structural volume and material components, creating voids that act as negative space.

The transparent mesh volume and the collision of negative spaces take visitors on a journey of past and present.

The mesh structure consists of a variety of environments that recognize Italy’s architectural history, including courtyards and palaces.

Architectural elements disappear once visitors enter the pavilion, replaced by water, vegetation, metal mesh, and glass, resulting in a transparent, otherworldly structure that complements the visible pedestal on which it is grounded; contrasting nature and architecture.

“The Pavilion proposes not only the Italian point of view, but the awareness of the Italian identity as a stratified entity that has roots in a millenary cultural history,” the designers said.

The pavilion also features a garden that is mostly shielded from view from the outside, including a water and vegetation elements that are prominent in traditional Italian garden design.