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Persria Photography Centre / Parham Taghioff

Fardis Villa by DarianDesign in Iran features wooden viewing deck

Located in Fardis, Iran, Fardis Villa by DarianDesign features a wooden box on its second level, offering residents a private viewing deck of the surrounding garden. 

Consisting of three levels in which the ground floor and first floor are integrated and designed as a duplex while the third floor houses two separate units, the Fardis Villa spans 500m2 and uses materials that blend into the environment, such as wood and stone. 

Upon accessing the second floor, the two bedrooms are split by a corridor which provides direct access to the viewing deck. Essentially a terrace, the deck offers a yard of about 60m2 with "superb views". 

"We [allowed for] great light and a great view of the ground and first floors by creating a void with a high ceiling and windows with large frames," said the architects. "Also, the use of wooden materials in the facade creates more harmony with the surrounding nature and greenery, which highlight the feeling of being in nature for the user." 

Lead architects on Fardis Villa were Elham Mollaakbari Darian and Amir Khajehamiri. 

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