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Gooyesh Institute in Isfahan features crossword puzzle on facade

A mixed-use building designed by SATRAP Architectural Studio in Isfahan, Iran features Latin letters on its facade, with embedded expressions such as, "knowledge is power".

Consisting of English language training classrooms, administrative offices, Internet areas, a library, audio-visual classrooms, bookstore and cafeteria, the Gooyesh Institute measures a total area of 918m2, spanning across five floors. Made of a steel frame with bolted joints, the project is earthquake resistant, said the architects. 

Appearing like a golden rectangle adjacent to a major crossway, the institute's 'metal amood' also features the expression, "I have never in my life learned from someone whose agreed with me". 

"This metal amood creates a sense of unity for the volume of this project and creates a connection between the inside and outside space," said the architects. "It also plays with light and shadow in different hours of the day, causing an alive and dynamic space at any hour of the day according to the sun’s movement across the sky. Also at night, the interior light passing from the inside of this shell to the outside shows a different example of Persian architecture in contemporary times."

The architects added that the building is well equipped with electrical equipment in accordance with national standards, such as network systems in each classroom and an intelligent building control system that optimises energy consumptions.