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Hajizadeh & Associates release details of mixed-use project planned for Basra

Award-winning Iranian architecture firm Hajizadeh & Associates has released details of its concept design for a mixed-use project in Basra, Iraq.

The design for Basra Multi-Functional features a hotel, restaurants and cafes, amphitheatre, cultural centre, offices, a bazaar, as well as leisure and entertainment facilities such as a Ferris wheel, water park, swimming pool and sail club.

“Studying the environment of the site highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the surroundings,” said the architects. “This divided the project activities into three zones: accommodation, commercial and leisure. These three zones are physically separated, although the gaps created in the middle has made our project a united package which works with the city functionally.”

The first zone contains the office building, hotel, restaurants and coffee shops, conference halls and cultural centre. The second zone houses the tower, which was designed to feature cutaways and cavities in its form to minimise its impact on the urban landscape of Basra. Near the tower sits the Grand Bazaar and commercial spaces. The leisure and entertainment functions are in the third zone.

“During the design process of the project, we looked at the physical and moral similarities of Iran and Iraq,” said the architects. “By taking our common history and returning to the Parthian period, we realised that the proportions used in that period were all created from a simple square, and in all Parthian countries, this method was the physical formulation of architectural works. By using this technique, we utilised cubes of dimensions 5, 10 and 20 in all project components, which is inspired by ancient arc structures.

“This also helped us create simple modules known as Chahartaq to expand the project into a complex atmosphere. By emphasising pre-fabrication, we reduce the cost of the entire building system.”

Principal architect on the project was Kourosh Hajizadeh with Amir Hossein Hajizadeh the lead architect. The design team also included Alireza Karimi Kolor, Marzieh Jafar-Parham and Adibpour-Hanieh Aleyasin. Hajizadeh & Associates are uncertain of the construction details for Basra Multi-Functional, but the practice is hopeful for the project to break ground soon.