Pre-Civil War aerial view of Citadel complex with the site
Pre-Civil War aerial view of Citadel complex with the site

Regional architects partake in jury for Uni’s Syria reconstruction competition

In an architectural competition called 'Memory - Regathering Syria', organised by Uni for reconstruction in Syria, regional architects including Mohamed Al Assam of Dewan, Kourosh Hajizadeh of Hajizadeh & Associates, Arash G Tehrani of his namesake studio, Gijo Paul George of Studio Toggle and Yousef Oqleh of Architects for Society, make up the five-person jury.

Calling for concept proposals that respond to the needs of the people in Syria, the competition asks for designs for new projects located on the site of the Grand Serail of Aleppo. Located near the Citadel, the site was originally conceived to house the seat of the governor but was destroyed during recent clashes by an underground tunnel bomb explosion

“With a much larger debt and the Syrian economy already in jeopardy, public architecture with a functional purpose will help the quantitative needs of the place,” reads the website.

It adds, “The function can be derived from the need of the place by understanding the past dynamics - or can be re-analysed from a point of today where the question of what people need has completely changed.”

Applicants have until 25 April 2019 to submit their proposals through the competition’s website. The winner will receive a grant of $1500 as well as a trophy and medal. Runner up will receive a grant of $750 and a medal, and people’s choice will receive $500, a trophy and a medal. There will also be honourable mentions and an institutional excellence award.

More information about the site and its challenges can be found in the competition brief, which can be downloaded from the website.