Hani Fallaha, co-founder of Loci
Hani Fallaha, co-founder of Loci

Loci’s Hani Fallaha says healthcare sector is among Jordan’s strongest

According to Jordanian architect and co-founder of Loci, an award-winning architecture and design practice, Hani Fallaha, the healthcare sector is among Jordan’s strongest, despite the country’s overall lack of opportunities for architects.

“The healthcare sector is probably one of Jordan’s best,” he said. “It’s slowing down at the moment, but looking into the future, I imagine it will regain its momentum because Jordan has a lot of talent in the medical field. It’s known in the region for its medical tourism.”

Fallaha added that while development opportunities in Jordan aren’t as plentiful as elsewhere in the region, its pool of talent for professionals is incredibly competitive.

“In Jordan, there are many qualified architects and a lot of talent,” he said. “But unfortunately, there are few developments going on, and the pace or speed of projects is much slower than anywhere, so it takes time for projects to get realised. That’s why you see a lot of Jordanian architects who are looking for work elsewhere, especially in the GCC, Europe or the US.”

Loci delivers architecture and interior design services, and has a number of projects that range in scale across the UAE - from residential to cultural to public installations.

In Jordan, the practice is currently delivering a healthcare project, which aims for completion by 2020, and a private residential project, slated for completion in June 2019.