Emad Jaber, founder of Lacasa. Image courtesy of Ausra Osipaviciute / ITP Images
ITP Images
Emad Jaber, founder of Lacasa. Image courtesy of Ausra Osipaviciute / ITP Images

Lacasa launches infrastructure department to 'withstand fluctuations of regional economies'

Regional architecture practice Lacasa has recently launched an infrastructure department to help deliver urban and masterplanning projects in the region.

According to Mohammed Tanbouz, executive director at Lacasa, the GCC market currently has potential for infrastructure design firms that are capable of transforming conventionally designed infrastructure into more sustainable, smart solutions that can provide for both current and future demands.

“The infrastructure design we do and aim to develop is one that responds to market needs by designing infrastructure that is truly smart,” Tanbouz said. “One that is equipped with sensing technologies that are embedded within the equipment it interacts with, and connected to a communication backbone that allows real-time data acquisition, analysis and interpretation to provide reliable, robust and meaningful information to infrastructure providers.”

Tanbouz noted that providers can then offer better-informed decisions about the structural health and maintenance of their assets and, with the sensing environment, infrastructure can further respond in real time to users’ needs, as well as potentially self-maintain.

Lacasa’s infrastructure department provides an array of services, including transport planning, highway and arterial primary roads design and engineering, bridges engineering and design, collector and local roads design, parking strategies, and more.

“As global and countrywide economies have witnessed changes with high and lows experienced more frequently over the last few years, it was clear to us that diversification of the business is required to be able to withstand the fluctuations experienced,” said Tanbouz.

“There has been noticeable sustained growth in the roads and infrastructure sectors, which have become the backbone required for other sectors to develop and nourish around and from. Lacasa has responded accordingly, developing smart new infrastructure and expanding on the current networks and systems and transforming them to smart business opportunities to explore and master.”