SageGlass Harmony application
SageGlass Harmony application

Drees & Sommer highlight new softwares, programmes and products on the market for architects

Stephan Degenhart, managing director, and Dierk Mutschler, global executive board member, both at Drees & Sommer, have highlighted new softwares, programmes and products on the market for architects. Get familiar with them here. 

5-D BIM (Building Information Modelling)
BIM is currently a $2.5bn software market and is growing at a rate of 15 percent annually. Although BIM has received mixed reviews from the construction industry in the past, the next generation 5-D technology has tremendous potential, according to Mutschler and Degenhart – and not just in the design phase. 5-D BIM allows project owners and contractors to manage spatial design specs in 3D and also pull in critical cost and scheduling information. Unlike the previous generation, 5-D BIM also has exciting new augmented/virtual reality capabilities that can be delivered through tablets and wearable devices.

Cloud-Based Digital Collaboration & Mobility
The days of effectively managing project data offline and manually are over. As projects gain complexity and project teams become more diverse, using a single cloud-based collaboration platform – and deploying that platform project-wide and in the field – is essential. An easy-to-use platform for document and workflow management allows for real-time sharing of project data from the office or on the go. It also digitises workflows, allowing project teams to quickly and efficiently manage everything from contract administration to document reviews to hand over. Ultimately, leveraging a collaboration platform allows project stakeholders to make data and ROI-driven decisions, which lead to better and more predictable project outcomes – all while fostering trust, transparency and accountability across project teams.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Capturing all forms of project data is made easier by a collaboration platform, but the IoT will allow equipment and assets to “talk” to one another via wireless technology. With IoT, data can be gathered from equipment and machinery and then transmitted back to a collaboration platform. By capturing critical performance specs and then archiving the data, IoT is helping project teams monitor productivity, quality control, safety and inventory.

SageGlass Harmony
Released by Saint-Gobain for the first time at Glasstec in Dusseldorf, Germany, SageGlass Harmony is a new glazing solution for building owners and designers seeking to enhance the end-user experience by maximising visual and thermal comfort. Unlike other solar management solutions that compromise aesthetics and impede views, the dynamic glass provides daylight, heat and glare management while maintaining a natural and seamless connection to the outdoors.