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Strange clock tower proposed as 'symbol of Dubai'

Horologist and architect Amjad Al Haj has recently revealed his design for a AED700,000 clock tower, describing it as “a symbol and reminder of the city of Dubai.”

The ‘Dubai Clock’ is designed for indoor or outdoor squares, hotels or parks, and reaches three metres high. Consisting of glass and steel, the design features geometric shapes that appear to wrap around the structure like a ribbon. Numerical adornments cluster along the surface.

According to Arabian BusinessAl Haj said the clock was designed to offer a “unique feel” for hospitality projects.

“While designing the beautiful masterpiece, the only things I [imagined] was how it would enhance the look and feel of any luxury hotel,” he said. “It is not wrong when one says that the right timepieces accentuate the architecture, complement the other furnishing and improve the overall guest experience.”